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henrik flyman

“Award winning composer with over 20 releases in the discography. Acknowledged producer and guitarist. Throughout two decades of recognition on the music scene he has developed a trademark sound of strong melodies and something undefinable. As a musician he has done multiple world tours in the new millennium.”


with evil masquerade

with lacrimosa


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With Evil Masquerade
The Outcast Hall of Fame (2016)
10 Years in the Dark – remastered comp (2014)
The Digital Crucifix (2014)
Like Voodoo – single (2014)
Pentagram (2012)
A Silhouette – single (2012)
Black Ravens Cry – single (2012)
Fade to Black (2008 Japan, 2009)
Third Act (2006, 2007 USA)
Theatrical Madness (2005)
Welcome to the Show (2004)

With Lacrimosa
Live in Mexico City – Live DVD (2015)
Hoffnung (2015)
Live In Mexico City (2 CD) (2014)
Heute Nacht – EP (2013)
Revolution (2012)

With Wuthering Heights
Far from the Madding Crowd (2003)
To Travel for Evermore (2002)

With Moahni Moahna
Why (1997)
Queen Shamar – single (1994)
Temple of Life (1994)
Face the Light – EP (1992)

Other works
Black Moon Secret – Another World (2014)
Martin – Sad Eyes – single (2012)
Let’s Unite in Rock – single (2011)
ZooL – ZooL (2002)

Guest appearances
Mino – Fly (2002)


a few media quotes

“Song to song you are taken on a journey of musical excellence. The album itself is worth not only a listen, but much more than that. This has to be experienced.”
Metalshock Finland
“When I read that guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza (Kreator), drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (Accept) and guitarist Henrik Flyman (Evil Masquerade) would participate… my anticipation grew even more. This is a marvelous esoteric, gloomy, moody and rather obsessive album.”
Grande Rock
(Far From the Madding Crowd)
“Jaw-dropping amazing. The riffs and solos here are mad insane.”
Metal Archives
(Fade to Black)
“Henrik Flyman is surely a very talented guitarist that only seems to grow as a musician for every new album he does, and the more I think of it, the stranger I find it to be that so many people haven’t heard of him or his music.”
Metal Covenant
“Evil Masquerade play in a league very much of their own. It’s a loss of those dwelling aboveground, not willing to venture into the vaults of evil and dance among the demons.”
Black Wind Metal
(The Digital Crucifix)
“For those that had any doubt about the power of Henrik Flyman in the post-Apollo era…,Evil Masquerade smashes them to pieces on ‘The Digital Crucifix’.”
Metal Underground
(The Digital Crucifix)
“Henrik Flyman is still the mastermind of this insanity and he still has a penchant for writing some really good tunes.”
True Metal Lives
(The Digital Crucifix)
“There are at least three elements of this album that made this music work so well for me. The first is simply the depth of guitarist and composer Henrik Flyman arrangements.”
Danger Dog
(The Outcast Hall Of Fame)
“Henrik of course is the main man here, controlling directing and composing seven tracks, producing and of course playing some impressive lead guitar solos which are his natural prerogatives, but most of all, his priority is imposing his artistic vision, his mark, his sound.”
Metal Temple
(Welcome to the Show)
“Henrik Flyman’s 15 years experience of composing for theaters and various orchestras truly stands out and is complimented by a team of great musicians.”
Metal Reviews
(The Outcast Hall Of Fame)
“As a self produced album by Henrik Flyman just goes to show the dedication the man has to his art. There’s always one member of any successful band that goes that extra step to make the music sound as good as it can, and its a testament to the man that he’s managed to do it.”
TBFM Online
(Third Act)
“Flyman is a true shredder, blazing through this album with reckless abandon as he whips up tons of crunchy riffs and white hot leads.”
Sea of Tranquility

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